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City of Santee HERS Rater Testing

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Our Guarantee

San Diego HERS Rater guarantees that our HERS Rater Testing results documented on the CF-3R forms will satisfy your City of Santee building officials requirements. If for any reason your code official requests a correction or change to the HERS report, we will provide that additional service at no charge to you.

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Santee HERS Testing & Title-24 Verifications

Is the building department telling you that you need a HERS Rater to test and verify your home in order to pass inspection?

San Diego HERS Rater is here to assist you! We are local family owned business in operation since 2005 in San Diego, CA. We have the training and experience you deserve and we are committed to seeing your project across the finish line. 

Building inspectors simply tell builders and home owners to “provide the HERS report” without going into much detail. Where do you start?

The California Energy Commission is responsible for authoring and mandating the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES) in California. The BEES are commonly referred to as “the energy code” or more accurately described as “Title-24, part 6”.

Within the Title-24, part 6 requirements, there is a section specifying the requirements for single family, multifamily and non-residential projects for both new construction and existing projects…

New Construction Homes (including ADU's, additions, & remodels)

If you are building a New Construction Home, ADU or an addition / remodel, you should have a set of building plans. Within the set of building plans, there is a report called the “Title-24” report. Locate that report and find the pages labeled “CF-1R-PRF-01E” in the upper right corner. On page 3 of the CF-1R-PRF-01E, you will find a “HERS Feature Summary”.

The HERS Feature Summary details the HERS Rater Testing expectations for your project. These are the tests for which your building official is expecting a compliance certificate (CF-3R) from a HERS Rater.

Commonly you will find a requirement for Indoor Air Quality Ventilation, Kitchen Range Hood, Duct Leakage testing… amongst other tests that only a certified HERS Rater can perform.

HERS Feature Summary on CF-1R-PRF-01E
Existing Homes with new HVAC equipment or component replacements

The California Energy Commission also has HERS Rater requirements in place for home owners having HVAC systems or components of the HVAC system changed or replaced. Why you might ask? Because for all too long the HVAC industry, due to improper system installs, have costed home owners excessive energy bills due to the equipment performance being subpar. A HERS Rater is in place to third-party verify that the installer has installed the equipment properly with respect to energy. (i.e. the system is producing enough airflow, there is a correct amount of refrigerant in the system, the Watt draw of the fan motor is not excessive). 

If you recently had your HVAC system changed or replaced, make sure you are independently hiring your own HERS Rater. This protects you and holds your hired contractor accountable to the law that protects you.

San Diego HERS Rater will work alongside your hired HVAC contractor on your behalf and perform the required HVAC diagnostic testing and performance measurements. Should we find an issue or a measure that is not passing, we will gladly work with your installer to provide information as to [possibly] why the equipment is failing. Most issues we discover are easily remedied and we really do focus on finding the solutions, not the problems.

Cost for HERS Testing

The cost for HERS Testing in Santee really depends on how much testing your project is requiring as detailed on the CF-1R-PRF-01E, in the HERS Feature Summary (as described above). Please use our online quote tool and send us more information about your project so we can accurately provide a cost for Santee HERS Rater Testing. You are also welcome to call our office.

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We built a new home and knew nothing about the HERS stuff. Kevin & team took the time to really explain everything so it didn't feel like just another money grab in the state of California. I am very happy I had a hers test and now know that my HVAC system is functioning like it is supposed to

Reza S. Blossom Valley, CA

I was truly blown away by this company! I needed a HER Rater to come out to my residence for an inspection, and I couldn't believe the quality of service I was given. Not only did they do an outstanding job, they really took the time to explain everything to they were doing and why they were doing it. Kevin seems extremely knowledged in his line of work, and I felt very confident with what he told and taught me. I would definitely recommend this company as an A1, top notch experience! Good Job So Cal HERS Raters

Lorna S. La Mesa, CA

Kevin, Glenn and Johan are Hands Down the best Raters in So Cal! Shoutout to Johan cuz he is available to go the extra mile helping behind the scenes and to Kevin & Glenn in the field, they know their stuff and get it done! Thanks Guys!

Chris B. San Diego, CA

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